Stretch Film for Wrapping:

Stretch Film is currently one of the most economical packing solution providing the packaging integrity with effective procedures. Stretch Wrap or commonly known as Stretch Film is a stretchable plastic film which is wrapped around product packages including bags, cartons, pallets and even crates. The elasticity of the Stretch Film keeps packages tightly and bounded together and making them a SINGLE unit for packing, transportation and storage resulting in more efficient handling of unit loads and protecting against dust and moisture.

Based on the standard and high quality supply from 4 certified factories in Iran, Zista Group is empowered to supply Stretch Wrap for different applications as below:

  1. Jumbo Stretch Film
  2. Machine Stretch Film
  3. Hand Stretch Wrap
  4. Colored Stretch Films

With availability of up to date technology and know-how in addition to local supply of LLDPE from Petrochemical complexes, the combination has provided an excellent competitive edge to the Iranian Stretch Film exports benefiting from markets in Asia and Europe on regular basis.

Available stretch film by Zista group comes in thicknesses from 12-50 microns along with different elongation ratios up to 400% for automatic/semi-automatic or hand wraps in order to meet requirements of al criteria offering protection from moisture, humidity, dust, UV rays and even theft in some cases. Having the Roll gross weight of maximum of 50 kg and different choices of widths especially 50cm in any single roll, our stretch film is designed to meet the ever-changing requirements in packaging and warehousing sector.

For easiest logistics and economical handling, all stretch films supplied by Zista Group are palletized depending on roll weight and thickness of film, keeping a minimum 24,000 Kg per Truck/Container ratio for most competitive CFR pricing.

In addition to the Stretch Film, we are in position to supply Hood Stretch Film for the agriculture industries mostly, depending on client request.