Petrochemical Sector is and advanced large scale industry in Iran with manufacturing millions of tons of polymers and chemicals per annum. Consecutively, an economical supply of polymeric raw materials is available for the domestic sector of plastic production in addition to a vast plastic recycling industry, making Iran as one of the most competitive countries in the world to supply plastic based materials.

At Zista Group we have focused our efforts on a few target markets during the years and have been able to create extensive business opportunities for the Iranian Plastic manufacturers to export their products overseas.

Generally, the competitive plastic materials are listed as below:

  • Virgin base materials from petrochemicals complexes, such as HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE grades
  • Melted/Processed virgin materials in shape of Films (such as Stretch Film) or Sheets (i.e HDPE sheets)
  • Finished product after molding and processing by blow molding, injection or extrusion methods, such as urban plastic products. (for more info on Urban products, please visit the specialized supply platform at
  • Recycled Granules of PE/PP/PET materials for manufacturing of different items at a more economical level.

Zista Group strategy to empower Iranian plastic exports, have been to make investments in factories and processing units cash flows in order to make a steady supply of materials available along with importing technical knowledge and know-how from international market and implementing them in the manufacturing process. The above has resulted in providing an export standard quality with very competitive prices for several plastic materials.

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