Packaging Straps:

PP Straps

PP strap is a thermoplastic polymer, made from a combination of polypropylene monomers. PP Strap is made from lightweight plastic materials and is used for fixing packages to pallets or bundling packages for effective logistics. PP Strap is the most common and economical type of plastic strapping. It comes in a range of colors, widths, thicknesses and polymer variations.

Zista Group supply recycled or virgin based PP straps which can be customized printed for clients. Having compounded PP to apply as raw material of recycled PP, allows providing very competitive pricing to the supply of PP Straps from Iran.

The Straps are embossed to improve grip during tensioning and elongation before breakage. PP Straps are perfect for sealing and reinforcing cartons and securing lighter pallet loads.

PP strapping is applied manually with heavy duty sealers and tensioners tools. For larger production lines, semi-automatic and automated machines are used for a fast strapping application. When unitizing a pallet with PP strap, edge board protectors and corner protectors assist in evening out the tension and stopping the strap from squeezing and cutting into the products. PP strapping can be sealed with friction welds, seals, buckle or heat seals.

To avoid the disadvantaged of PP straps, it is best applied to less solid loads, avoid palletized bricks and concrete tiles for example and choose a more suitable strapping like steel. If the pallets and bundles need to travel long distance, is heavy and needs stability, or needs loading and unloading multiple times then PP strapping is not the logical choice and other materials should be used for strapping.

PET Straps

PET strap could be a replacement for higher strength material straps such as steel strap. Polyester is the strongest plastic strap. It is often used for heavy loads that require a high tension during handling, transport and storage. PET straps offer high tension, are able to retain this tension for a long period of time and have an excellent stretch recovery. Because of the stretch recovery, they are excellently resistant to shocks and impacts. PET strap is light, UV resistant, recyclable and easy to handle. These properties remain, even at high temperatures. The main disadvantages are that it is less elastic than PP strap. In many industries, PET is used as an alternative for steel with more interesting economics.

Major characteristics important for PET straps are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Withstand high temperature